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The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

The Cheese is Old and Moldy

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I'm from a little town that's trying to grow up, currently our big money makers are cigarette shops and fireworks stands and gas stations. for a town that takes about 5 mins to go through from one end to the other on the main stretch we have ... at least 5 gas stations in that stretch... OH YEAH, this is supposed to be about me ... i spend entirely way too much time on the internet and that's probably part of the reason i'm getting on here besides the fact that my best friend gave me the link and code and said, HERE, JOIN... so yeah, and uh... i see too many movies too... and i'm spontaneous BAH! ... see!? :p but enough about me! tell me about YOU! HA!...

In this journal or web log (blog) you will find many many many links to many things that are both funny, sad, enlightening, entertaining, or just plain dumb. You will also find my insights into many things which you may or may have not thought about previously, but I encourage you to share your experiences and maybe we can help each other grow as decent well rounded human beings or something. That would be nice...

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